It is often said that the tsubo unit price, but how do you put it out?

It is the result of dividing the trading price by the number of tsubo (area) of the property.

In the case of the trading price of 25 million yen and the area of 50 square meters, it is as follows.

25,000,000 yen / 50 sqm = 500,000 yen per square meter

500,000 yen x 3.3 square meters = 1,650,000 yen (per tsubo) ⇒ Tsubo unit price

What is a contract?

1. Indicates that an agreement has been reached between the parties involved in the contract, including identification of the target property, purchase price, payment conditions, ownership transfer registration application, delivery, etc.
2. Make a written agreement (sales agreement) about the agreed content, and stamp the name of the party, broker, and residential building trader on the document.
3. Deliver the document to each trading party.
The main matters negotiated in the contract are
1. Object of sale and purchase price
3. Payment time and method of trading value
4.Trade target area, etc.
5. Clarification of boundaries
6.Time of ownership transfer
7. Delivery
8. Elimination of mortgage
9. Ownership transfer registration, etc.
10. Loss, damage, etc. before delivery is complete (risk burden)
11. Property status report
12. Liability
13. Delivery of equipment
14.Hand release
15. Cancellation due to breach of contract, penalty
16. Special Use of Loan
17. Stamp burden classification
18. Agreement on the court of jurisdiction
19. Obligation to discuss non-regulated matters
In addition to the above, if there are matters that require special arrangements, a special agreement may be established by discussion between the parties.

What are the criteria for walking time from stations?

The road distance is converted to about one minute for 80 meters, and the fraction of less than one minute is rounded up as one minute.

How do I see the units of size?

It is a relationship of 1 tsubo = 2 tatami mats (cho) and 3.3 square meters.

It is good to remember because it performs calculations such as flat rice × 0.3025 = tsubo.

What is the meaning of the symbols displayed in the floor plan?

The meaning of the typical symbols displayed in the floor plan is as follows:

L → Living Room

D → Dining

K → Kitchen

S → Service Room

P.S → Pipe Space

UB → Unit Bus

MB → Meter Box

What kind of room is it often displayed in the floor plan ” S service room?

It refers to a room that is usually less than three or less, or a room without a window.

This follows the rule stipulating that a windowless room is not certified as a living room.

There is a room which becomes the service room treatment because there is no window even if there is more than eight chos in size, too.